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Downloadable books to talking to kids about Coronavirus-


Self help advice on how to cope during lockdown


How to cope with worry and uncertainty during coronavirus





Information on how to talk to children about death and dying. 






Information guides on a range of topics, including, stress, sleep, anxiety, low mood, anger.


Over 900+ free courses, articles, audio, and video resources from The Open University. A brilliant way to learn more about health and relationships.






Headspace- free and paid for subscriptions-

Recent Publications:

Payne, L., Flannery, H., Kambakara Gedara, C., Daniilidi, X., Hitchcock, M., Lambert, D., … Christie, D. (2020). Business as usual? Psychological support at a distance. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

Algranati, S. & Lambert, D. (2019). An ACT and physiotherapy group for adolescents experiencing chronic pain. Clinical Psychology Forum, 319, 15–19. 

Pulham, R. A., Alia, D., Marshall, L., & Lambert, D. (2019). Using therapeutic documents: A story of creativity tricks and living after childhood cancer. In Clinical Psychology Forum (Vol. 320, pp. 22-27).

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